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Company New >> Nano liquid applied to anti-fogging of the mirror test
Glass industry is about to refresh the durability and effectiveness of anti-fog glass recording products, before that, the glass industry will not dare try to use chemical anti-fog coating technology, because aging is short, no abrasion, long water hydrolysis occurs such as the failure situation, so anti-fog industry has been no major progress.

Our company has been committed to the research and development of nano-modified coating technology and replace it with nano-coating of thinking, selecting hydrophilic polymer as a main component, and then heterozygous for good adhesion to glass coupling agent formulations, as well as other additives, paint the entire green by simply spraying or wiping process coated on a glass substrate, and then after 150 ℃, after 30 minutes of baking solidified into a nano-coating, water resistance test after the coating well , wear the number has reached the glass test requirements of manufacturers. In the near future, fog should be a favorite topic.

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